Sunday, March 14, 2010

Educating our MPs

For decades the question of setting an eligibility for our politicians has always been a debate without any outcome.

It is definitely a difficult decision. No university degree can ensure honesty and leadership, neither the absence of it. With the sad state of prevalent corruption there is always the fear of people purchasing such degrees if it is mandated, defeating the very purpose.

Our history has always seen remarkable leaders who were not academically educated and we cannot miss an opportunity of someone who could emerge like that in future too.

I would like to come up with a plan which will not restrict the entry into politics but once in, I will enforce the basics.

1. No eligibility for the first time MPs
2. Once they are in, they must undergo a 3-4 years of training(within the 5 years term). The curriculum and course will be defined by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. It will include Indian history, economics, political science, geography as the basics.
3. A basic grade will be required to be accomplished for anyone to become an MP again, they can continue their studies if they lose their Membership of parliament democratically but the cost must be then borne by their party/self.
4. Anyone to become a cabinet minister MUST have completed an advanced course prescribed by the board.

Our growth speed cannot be continued anymore with ignorance in power.